New-fashioned Letterpress Greetings

Ink Meets Paper creates delightful letterpress greeting cards to foster the art of handwritten correspondence in today's modern world.

Every card has a story.

Handwriting cards to those we love allows us to share our own personal story. At Ink Meets Paper, we create a behind-the-scenes video that shows the letterpress printing process of your card.

Enter or scan the Story Code on the back of an Ink Meets Paper Card to learn the story.


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In the Press

Wrap Magazine, Issue FourSpring 2012

“While traditional practitioners of the craft are thriving, it's also being adapted by designers so that we can enjoy it digitally.“

Charleston City PaperBest of Charleston 2012

Staff Pick, Best Small-Batch Letterpress Outfit

DESIGN*SPONGENovember 2011

“With so many technological advances that take us away from the handmade world, it's nice to see one that allows you to reconnect with the people (and process) behind design.”


While our primary focus at Ink Meets Paper is greeting cards, we do take on a limited number of custom projects. If you're interested in working with us on a custom letterpress order, please send us an email, and we'll be in touch.

Check out our blog to see additional examples.

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  • You'rehandsome_20120114-0346
  • You'rebeautiful_20120114-0198
  • You'reasweetheart_20120114-0274
  • Happyvalentine'sday_20120114-0339
  • 3hearts_20120114-0349
  • Yay_20120302-0530
  • Bummer_20120302-0534
  • Happiestbirthday_20120317-1218
  • Itwillbeok_20120317-1247
  • Mom_20120317-1245
  • Loveyamom_20120317-1213
  • Easter_20120317-1238
  • Warmwishes_20111109-1415_e
  • Happyholidays_20111109-1403_12
  • Christmastree_20120114-0319
  • Wreath_20120114-0305
  • Joyeuxnoel_20111109-1419_e
  • Iloveyou_20120114-0125
  • Loveyadad_20120317-1211
  • Happyfather'sday_20120317-1225
  • Happyday_20111111-1743_12
  • Yippee_20120119-0366
  • Lotsofhappy_20120119-0368
  • Ilikeyou_20111111-1742_12
  • Withyouis_20120114-0320
  • Hello_20111111-1746_12
  • Mercibeaucoup_20120119-0371
  • Yourkisses_20120126-0510
  • Orbabybuggy_20120114-0011
  • Cantthankyouenough_20111128-3515
  • Ohsnap_20120603-0696
  • Makeawish_20120603-0683
  • Thankyou_20120603-0676
  • Hellofriend_20120603-0690
  • Celebrate_20120603-0703
  • Thinkingofyou_20120603-0700
  • Ohsohappy_20120603-0685
  • Birthdaywishes_20120603-0677
  • Xoxo_20120914-5174
  • Darn_20120914-5191
  • Congrats_20120914-5194
  • Oops_20120914-5189
  • Hooray_20120914-5179
  • Missyou_20120914-5181
  • Joy_20120603-0711
  • Letitsnow_20120603-0707
  • Letitsnowconfetti_20120603-0727
  • Merrymerry_20120603-0704
  • Merrychristmas_20120603-0715
  • Seasonsgreetings_20120914-5211
  • Merrybright_20120914-5205
  • Mostwonderful_20120914-5200
  • Wecantthankyouenough_20120603-0721
  • Wishingyou_20130131-0597
  • Soglad_20130131-0640_rev
  • Youbrighten_20130131-0630_rev
  • Manythanks_20130131-0626_rev
  • Happyhappybirthday_20130131-0686
  • Hiphiphooray_20130131-0688
  • Bubblesandcheersconfetti_20120603-0750
  • Hearts_20130131-0616
  • Spring2013_release_rgb-03

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